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Nellsar Nutrition and Hydration Week 2024

Nutrition and Hydration Week this year was a tasty, fun and colourful time across our Nellsar Homes.

The awareness week is an international celebration of the importance of food and drink, which highlights the issue of dehydration and malnutrition which is still prevalent in the UK and across the globe in the elderly and most vulnerable.

Nutrition and Hydration Week is an opportunity to highlight all the ways we can support people to be hydrated and well-nourished within our care. We had a few themes to help our Recreation and Well-Being Teams and Catering Teams, along with ideas on what to weave across the days. These included:

  • Calorie Boosters – For residents who need a boost in their calorie intake we can offer a range of nutrition-dense foods that can help with weight gain.
  • Think Drink – Enjoy a drink tasting session with a range of fresh juices, herbal teas, fruit smoothies, hot chocolate, milkshakes or tasty mocktails.
  • Cooking Club – Cooking or Baking Club sessions are popular with residents who can work together to create some delicious snacks.
  • Tea Trolley Tips – Try a trolley makeover with a variety of different options that change every day, packed with choice and colour.
  • Tasting Day – Residents can try a selection of their favourite types of foods and snacks to get their tastebuds tingling!

I joined in a fruity morning session and a mocktail morning which both went down very well and I could see how much our residents enjoyed the fresh flavours of the natural foods. It was wonderful to witness the sense of community amongst residents as they sat sharing experiences of working on fruit farms and talked about their favourite foods.

There were also some fancy tea trolley arrangements and wonderful afternoon teas across our Homes throughout the week.

Well done to all our teams for making it such a delicious and memorable week for our residents.


Nellsar Homes celebrating Nutrition and Hydration Week 2024