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Meet the Nellsar Catering Team

From our Chefs and Head Chefs to our Kitchen and Dining Assistants, meet the people who make up our amazing Catering Teams across our 13 Care Homes. Lead by Adrian Silaghi (Head of Catering Services) they are all committed to providing the highest standards of food and dining for our residents. Our teams work together to ensure all of our residents’ nutrition, hydration and special dietary requirements are met, with a variety of delicious meals and snacks every day.
Adrian Silaghi - Head of Catering Services

Adrian Silaghi

Head of Catering Services

Adrian began working in the catering industry in 2010 and first joined Nellsar as Head Chef for Princess Christian Care Home in 2015. Now as Head of Catering Services, Adrian leads by example and shares his passion for care catering across our 13 Homes. Adrian cites empathy as one of the most important qualities to have to be a successful Chef in the care industry, and his creativity and drive make him a very inspiring leader. Adrian constantly strives to raise the standards of Nellsar’s catering provision including what we offer residents with special dietary requirements, and he is renowned for his skills in soft and puréed food presentation.
Alex Head Chef, Abbotsleigh Care Home


Head Chef, Abbotsleigh Care Home

Alex joined the Abbotsleigh team in 2017; first as a Healthcare Assistant, progressing to Kitchen Assistant shortly after. With a passion for catering and the drive to develop his knowledge and skills, Alex was soon promoted to Head Chef. Striving to make a positive difference to the lives of Abbotsleigh residents through cooking, Alex listens to their preferences and incorporates them into the menus. Alex leads his Kitchen Team by example, always supporting and encouraging them to put forward their ideas. The quality of food presentation and service is extremely important to Alex and he was very proud to be shortlisted in the 2020 Great British Care Awards.
Savio Chef, Abbotsleigh Care Home


Chef, Abbotsleigh Care Home

Savio Jose joined the team at Abbotsleigh Care Home in December 2019. His calm and proactive character means he is a very talented Chef; his delicious meals ensure our residents stay healthy, comfortable and content. Always able to cater to special dietary requirements and preference’s, Chef Savio is able to adapt menus quickly and effectively. A real team player, he is very caring and polite and always puts everyone first. Chef Savio creates delicious desserts and is famed for his lovely food and nutritious homemade soups.
Rijo - Head Chef, Bromley Park Care Home


Head Chef, Bromley Park Care Home

Having joined the Bromley Park Kitchen Team in July 2021 as a Kitchen Assistant, Chef Rijo was very pleased to be promoted to Head Chef in October 2022. Having begun a career in Hotel Management, he is a Pastry Chef by profession with 12 years’ experience in different five-star hotels throughout Kuwait and India. Chef Rijo particularly enjoys baking cakes and biscuits where he can show his expertise, including purée biscuits for residents who require a texture modified diet. Chef Rijo is passionate about eye-catching food presentation to stimulate the appetite, and he is very proud of his live cooking and chocolate showpiece competition achievements at inter-hotel levels.

Kay, Head Chef, Hengist Field Care Home


Head Chef, Hengist Field Care Home

Kay joined the team at Hengist Field Care Home in 2011 and her journey is one of real inspiration. Beginning as a Care Assistant, Kay progressed to a Senior Carer and then Kitchen Assistant; after two years’ training she became the Head Chef and Kitchen Manager in 2018. Working alongside Adrian Silaghi, Kay is concentrating on developing her staff in order to maintain their superior catering provision. Passionate about developing menus tailored to suit her residents’ clinical needs and personal likes and dislikes, Kay also loves to enhance their dining experience – whether that be with calm, social dining or eating alone in the privacy of their own room.
Johnny  - Chef, Hengist Field Care Home


Chef, Hengist Field Care Home

Chef Johnny has been a valuable part of the Nellsar Catering team since 2007 when he first worked as a Chef at Lukestone Care Home in Maidstone, and then Head Chef Abbotsleigh Care Home in Staplehurst. Johnny moved to Hengist Field – our flagship Home in Sittingbourne – in 2018, where he is seen as a role model by his Kitchen team and by others in the Home. A keen fisherman in his spare time, Chef Johnny remains an inspiration to other Chefs in the Nellsar Group with his professionalism and passion. Chef Johnny strives to consistently improve on both the food quality and its presentation, and catering for any residents with special dietary requirements.
Paul Head Chef, Loose Valley Care Home


Head Chef, Loose Valley Care Home

Paul joined the team at Loose Valley Care Home as Head Chef in May 2022. with a wealth of catering experience. Having worked in commercial kitchens within pubs, restaurants and hotels throughout his career, Paul also has previous care catering experience having worked in Care Homes. Paul’s great passion is supporting his team and cooking tasty, nutritious food for his residents – especially Chinese food!
Cosmin - Head Chef, Princess Christian Care Home


Head Chef, Princess Christian Care Home

Chef Cosmin began working at Princess Christian in 2015, and his inimitable motivation drives him to consistently develop himself both personally and professionally. Originally from Romania, Cosmin also speaks English and Spanish. He began working under the expert tuition of Adrian Silaghi (Head of Catering Services) before being promoted to Head Chef. He is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of food service, leading and nurturing a team of Kitchen staff, while ensuring residents are content and enjoying a nutritious, varied diet. Cosmin is studying Management and Leadership; his hard-working nature and strong desire to learn and progress are what makes him such as asset to our team.
Cristian  - Chef Assistant, Princess Christian Care Home


Chef, Princess Christian Care Home

Since joining the Princess Christian Kitchen Team in 2018 as a Kitchen Porter with no previous catering experience, Cristian achieved a Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health and was promoted to Kitchen Assistant. After progressing to Chef Assistant, Cristian enrolled on a Production Chef NVQ course in 2019 and became a qualified Chef in March 2021. A keen gym-goer, Cristian is very disciplined and driven; his ambition to develop his skills and his perfectionist nature make him an outstanding team member. Cristian is a great support to Head Chef Cosmin and he works on residents’ individual menu plans, along with our Dining Room Assistants.
Daloney Dining Room Assistant, Princess Christian Care Home


Dining Room Assistant, Princess Christian Care Home

Daloney is a highly valued senior staff member who joined the Home in 2014. First working as a Carer and then a Senior Carer, Daloney has worked within the Catering team as a Dining Room Assistant since 2018. Extremely passionate about caring for our residents, Daloney goes above and beyond while also supporting them on visits to the Hairdresser or hospital, or for any personal errands. Daloney is dedicated to improving our catering provision across the board; she personally manages our residents’ individual menu plans to ensure we cover all their nutritional, cultural and clinical needs, tailored to suit their preferences. Daloney is very proud of her children and granddaughter, and her daughter also works within the Home.
John Head Chef, The Old Downs Residential Care Home


Head Chef, The Old Downs Residential Care Home

John is a team player and an inspirational leader to the Catering Team at The Old Downs. With previous Care Catering experience, John joined the Home in October 2021, bringing a passion for cooking colourful, appetising meals for his residents. John is also developing the Home’s offering of modified food textures and menus for people with special diets. Placing great emphasis on excellent food service, John looks forward to mentoring and teaching the younger members of staff.
Sebastian Head Chef, Woodstock Residential Care Home


Head Chef, Woodstock Residential Care Home

Originally from Romania, Sebastian joined the team at Woodstock Residential Care Home in May 2022 with five years’ experience – previously working in Italy. Sebastian is ambitious and keen to continually develop his skills, while making a positive difference to his residents’ lives, and he looks forward to mentoring the Junior Chefs at Woodstock. As Head Chef, Sebastian is adept at cooking all types of food and he loves a challenge; Prawn Linguine is his signature dish!