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Meet Roxana Florescu – Nutrition Champion for Abbotsleigh Care Home

Roxana Florescu – Nutrition Champion

Leni Wood, Nutrition & Wellness Manager for Nellsar, works alongside our team of Chefs and Nutrition Champions in our Homes to continually improve all-round nutritional knowledge and practises across our group of 13 Care Homes.

Our Nutrition Champions are members of staff keen to grow their knowledge and share their ever-growing skills, while inspiring positive change in their Homes – always in the best-interest of our residents.

Read on to hear from Roxana at Abbotsleigh Care Home:

Q: How long have you worked at Abbotsleigh Care Home?
A: I have worked as a Health Care Assistant since December 2016.

Q: What attracted you to becoming a Nutrition Champion?
A: I like the idea of nutrition helping our residents to get better and I wanted to be more involved in helping our residents. Working alongside the Head Chef as a Nutritional Champion is the best way of doing this.

Q: What training have you received so far and what have you enjoyed the most?
A: I have just finished Level 2 in Understanding Nutrition and Health. I loved working on this and finding out how nutrition can help our bodies and how increasing certain types of foods can help certain ailments and illnesses.

Q: What benefits can this bring to your residents?
A: I can bring everything I have learnt from my course to help the dietary requirements of our residents on a daily basis working along side the families and the Chefs.

Q: How has it been working alongside the Home’s Chef?
A: Our Chef Stuart is very passionate about nutrition and the health of our residents. Since he has been with us, lots of our residents have gained weight and made progress due to corrective eating and adding extra nutrients and proteins to individual meals. I have learnt a lot from Stuart and I want to work more closely with him to learn more and share his passion in catering for our elderly residents.

Q: What one thing would you like to see happen in the near future?
A: I would like to see personalised dietary plans for all residents – especially those who are able to speak about their preferred food choices. This would mean a wider variety of choice – therefore enabling everyone to have more of an input into their own meal plans.