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Summer hydration

This summer has been so hot for us all! One of the main concerns for older people in hot weather can be dehydration. Many elderly people often drink less fluids; this can be due to thirst sensations decreasing with age, difficulties accessing drinks and fear of incontinence.

During my visits around our Nellsar Homes this summer I have been pleased to see that our residents have appeared to cope with the heat far better than expected. Our staff have been fantastic with offering plenty of cooling drinks and hydrating foods.

I have seen plenty of fruit salads and even fluid infused gummy bears which was a smart idea from our Nutrition Lead, Katja Day, at Lulworth House Residential Care Home.

Occasionally we need to ‘think outside the box‘ on how best to support people’s well-being and hydration is a key part of everyone’s health.

The fluid infused gummy bears seemed to go down very well with some residents who aren’t so keen on drinking.

Katja commented:

“Thirty bears can soak up 200ml of liquid – just over 6ml in each bear! – and after some experiments with different flavours, the rhubarb cordial was the favourite by far. They were really enjoyed by all!”